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NightLight is a stats and tools site for Dead by Daylight built by BritishBoop. It's got two primary functions:

Stat tracking, which anyone to track perks, killers, escapes, and more by simply uploading screenshots of the end game scoreboard.

Custom Icons, a replacement for the original Icon Toolbox, NightLight allows sharing & installing icon packs

Useful Info

How many people use the site?

There are over 100k registered users, a million uploaded matches, 600 icon packs (plus over 600 variants), and million pack downloads so far. In other words, one or two...

Where are the stats from?

All stats shown are from the NightLight user base and the scoreboard screenshots they upload.

No statistic data is automatically scraped or otherwise obtained from official sources.

That being said, if anyone from BHVR wants to reach out to integrate official data, I'd love to work with you.

Contact Me
Discord: britishboop, or the NightLight Community Server
Forum: Boop (Private Message Link)