Build Challenge

Build Challenge

It's often said that Dead by Daylight lacks perk variety and it's a shame because there are over 5 million unique possible builds across both roles.

After noticing that NightLight has only seen 30,000 or so I decided to see if we could have some fun.

This page is a Dead by Daylight random build generator with a unique twist - each build will only be shown once*.

In addition, if you are the first person to run any of these builds and upload the match, you'll get a point added to your score on the leaderboard. Let's see how many we can get!

Unique Survivor Build
Unique Killer Build
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How does it work?

  1. Get a unique build from this page or come up with your own
  2. Take a screenshot of the scoreboard and upload it to NightLight
  3. If you're the first person to run the build, a point will be added to your total

Is every build actually unique?

Just about, they'll repeat at some point but at the very least, it's guaranteed the same build won't appear again for several hours.

What happens if my friends and I run the same build?

Whoever uploads the match gets priority, if you upload a match where your friends run an identical build then it roughly follows the order of the scoreboard.

Why didn't I get credit for a build?

Either you or someone else must have run the build already. Only one person across the whole of NightLight can get credit for a build, once someone's played it that's it.

Is there any sort of reward or prize?

Beyond "bragging" rights not really, it's just meant to be a bit of fun. I might add some sort of cosmetic reward in the future but we'll see.
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StreamersMore info

The build generator is available in a window of it's own for use as a "Browser" source in streaming software.

All you need to do is add a browser source (like you would for Sub notifications and that sort of thing) with this URL:

You'll probably want two sources, one for Survivor builds and one for Killer - changing the "role" parameter will let you select between them.