NightLight Desktop is now available!

The new NightLight Desktop app brings Icon Toolbox functionality to NightLight!

It's free to use - any artist can upload their Icon Pack(s) and share them with the community!

In the future, there will be additional features like automatic uploading for stats.

Download Beta
Please note that the app is still new and some features might be incomplete or missing. I'm actively working on it and if you want to follow the progress or discuss any ideas or bugs, you can find me in the Discord!
NightLight Desktop Beta
Will it be able to do ...?

Maybe - there's still a lot a lot I want to add and do.
You can see the current roadmap and share your thoughts and ideas in the Discord!

Do I have to use the app to browse packs?

Nope! You can view them on here as well although the app handles the installation side of things.

Is it safe to use?

I can't really answer that as I'm not associated with BHVR but I don't believe old Icon Toolbox had any issues. In terms of "is it a virus" (no), I'd suggest looking at the Antivirus FAQ.