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NightLight App

NightLight Desktop

A program to share and install custom icon packs for Dead by Daylight & to automatically capture and upload screenshots for stats!

Download NightLight Desktop

Install icon packs for Dead by Daylight with the new Icon Toolbox from NightLight

It's free to use - any creator can upload their Icon Pack(s) and share them with the community

Or use the auto-capture & uploading system to make tracking your DBD stats easy

NightLight Desktop is being actively developed, if you want to discuss any ideas or bugs, you can find me in the Discord!
NightLight Desktop App
Will it be able to do ...?
Maybe - there's still a lot a lot I want to add and do.
You can see the current roadmap and share your thoughts and ideas in the Discord!
Is it safe to use?
The short answer is it should be, and I'm not aware of anyone ever being banned for using it. For more information check out the docs!
Do I have to use the app to browse packs?
Nope! You can view them on here as well though the app automates the installation side of things.