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NightLight Desktop

A program to share and install custom icon packs for Dead by Daylight & soon to automatically upload stats!

Download NightLight Desktop

Install icon packs for Dead by Daylight with the new Icon Toolbox from NightLight

It's free to use - any artist can upload their Icon Pack(s) and share them with the community

More features like automatic uploading for stats are coming soon

NightLight Desktop is being actively developed, if you want to discuss any ideas or bugs, you can find me in the Discord!
NightLight Desktop App
Is NightLight Desktop safe to use?

Thousands of people use NightLight Desktop each day and hundreds more install it. I'm a solo developer from the UK and I've spent the past almost 3 years working on NightLight because it's interesting and useful. The last thing I want is for anyone to have issues with either the anti-cheat or viruses.

NightLight Desktop lets you install icon packs (which you can do manually and doesn't actually modify game files*) and in the future, automatically capture screenshots for post-trial stats. The closest it gets to the game will be with screen capturing logic akin to popular tools like ShareX (which have been used to capture and upload tens of thousands of screenshots throughout NightLight's existence).

In other words, as far as I'm aware - yes. It's still "use at your own risk" but I wouldn't do anything I felt to be particularly risky. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the Discord!
Will it be able to do ...?

Maybe - there's still a lot a lot I want to add and do.
You can see the current roadmap and share your thoughts and ideas in the Discord!

Do I have to use the app to browse packs?

Nope! You can view them on here as well though the app automates the installation side of things.