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Dead Dawg Saloon

Dead Dawg Saloon
Realm:Grave of Glenvale
Offering:Shattered Bottle Shattered Bottle
Patch Added:3.6.0
Associated Chapter:Chains of Hate
Statistics Since 7.6.0*
Play Rate:2.56%
Offering Usage Rate:0.75%
Kill Rate:57.91%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
Descriptions & Patch Notes
An early settlement on the unforgiving frontier, the outpost of Glenvale was snuffed out in a ruthless, bloody gang war. Responding to the abduction of five brothers-in-arms, the Hellshire Gang stormed in with six-shooters and dynamite. What began as a standoff with the Mason Kelly Gang quickly broke down into a chaotic war zone. Guns fired indiscriminately in a desperate bid for self-preservation, cutting through gang members and civilians alike.

When the dust settled, the dead outnumbered the living. The hostages were discovered to have been long killed, their bodies disemboweled, guts strewn across town. In a silent rage, the few surviving Hellshire members rounded up their injured enemies and finished them in the same gruesome manner. By nightfall, only the crows remained, feasting gluttonously upon their victory.
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