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Father Campbell's Chapel

Father Campbell's Chapel
Realm:Crotus Prenn Asylum
Offering:Charred Wedding Photograph Charred Wedding Photograph
Patch Added:2.0.0
Associated Chapter:Curtain Call
Statistics Since 7.4.0*
Play Rate:2.1%
Offering Usage Rate:0.22%
Kill Rate:59.42%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
Nestled in a quiet part of the grounds, Father Campbell's Chapel was a haven from the horrors of the rest of the asylum. Those patients whose illnesses were less severe were given the run of the place and many would come here for refuge, to communicate with God and confess their sins.

Sadly, Father Campbell's legacy of good works counted for nothing when the Nurse's mind snapped, and he drew his final breath in the confessional that had helped so many.

Now the chapel has been joined by a strange companion: a carny's caravan, pulled by a shadowy horse. It has long traveled through The Fog, moving from realm to realm, and now temporarily camps here.

Beware: only a fool would let the bright colors seduce them into visiting.
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