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Garden of Joy

Garden of Joy
Realm:Withered Isle
Offering:Ichorous Loam Ichorous Loam
Patch Added:6.0.0
Associated Chapter:Roots of Dread
Statistics Since 7.5.0*
Play Rate:2.78%
Offering Usage Rate:0.76%
Kill Rate:51.06%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
On a privately-owned island in the Atlantic, the Garden was home to a bustling commune of optimists set on building a better world. Funded by a band of anonymous philanthropists and managed by a charismatic leader, they attempted to rid themselves of dark emotions, for fear of summoning the ancient god of shadows.

Dark thoughts corrupted this idyllic community. A mansion sits twisted by darkness and further perverted by the Entity's influence, contorting and reconfiguring itself in maddening, serpentine formations. At once familiar and foreign, to look upon it is to know fear.
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