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Grim Pantry

Descriptions & Patch Notes
One shack stood apart from the rest of the village. Once the water was drained and the area beneath the base was revealed, the true horror of the swamp's cage was discovered. It was here that the prisoners, if that's what we should call them, were brought. Held in the water, their bodies bloating horrendously, they were plucked, one by one for the family's needs. The stilts that kept the building upright acted as the only bars that awful jail needed.
Play & Offering Rate by PatchMatches
Kill Rate by PatchMatches
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Grim Pantry
Realm:Backwater Swamp
Offering:Grandma's Cookbook Grandma's Cookbook
Patch Added:1.7.0
Associated Chapter:Leatherface
Statistics Since 8.0.0*
Play Rate:1.94%
Offering Usage Rate:0.08%
Kill Rate:59.14%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
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