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Map Stats and Info

R.C.P.S. East Wing

R.C.P.S. East Wing
Realm:Raccoon City
Offering:RPD Badge RPD Badge
Patch Added:6.2.0
Associated Chapter:Resident Evil: Project W
Statistics Since 7.6.0*
Play Rate:1.69%
Offering Usage Rate:0.69%
Kill Rate:59.73%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
Descriptions & Patch Notes
The smell of blood and festering limbs permeated the concrete walls of the Raccoon City police station. Once an art museum, the building was converted into a precinct at the heart of the city. But when evil took residence, the station showed one last terrifying exhibition: corpses crowding narrow corridors, blood smeared on shattered windows, and festering flesh dripping down the stairs.
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Kill Rate by PatchMatches
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