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Sanctum of Wrath

Descriptions & Patch Notes
Once opulent and well-tended by priests, the shrine was abandoned for reasons unknown. Season after season, the harsh and unforgiving weather corroded its grandeur. Paths that welcomed weary travelers, were now thick with vegetation growing damp and unrestrained. The sculptures were a haven for moss and lichen, concealing a scratched and brittle stone.

Kazan shuddered with rage as he stepped into the area. Unable to restrain himself, he unleashed his might on a statue atop the shrine, clubbing its arms and head to pieces. Even after he left, a rot seemed to pervade the air. The chimes of bells played softly on the wind, as everything around them crumbled. Torn from Kazan's memories, the shrine now stood on the estate of his childhood home—a trick by The Entity that infuriated him even more.
Play & Offering Rate by PatchMatches
Kill Rate by PatchMatches
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Sanctum of Wrath
Realm:Yamaoka Estate
Offering:Yamaoka Family Crest Yamaoka Family Crest
Patch Added:3.4.0
Associated Chapter:Cursed Legacy
Statistics Since 7.7.0*
Play Rate:2.02%
Offering Usage Rate:0.44%
Kill Rate:57.48%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
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