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The Pale Rose

Descriptions & Patch Notes
The Pale Rose, an ancient paddle steamer in the middle of the swamp, is held captive by the stagnant mud. It has been here long before the residents began their hunt, a barely visible silhouette from the nearby village. There are signs of inhabitation, particularly in the upper states room where strange, ritualistic markings in dried blood and dirt cover the floor. From the scale of the bloodletting, something horrid has taken place here.
Play & Offering Rate by PatchMatches
Kill Rate by PatchMatches
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The Pale Rose
Realm:Backwater Swamp
Offering:Grandma's Cookbook Grandma's Cookbook
Patch Added:1.3.1
Associated Chapter:Of Flesh and Mud
Statistics Since 8.0.0*
Play Rate:1.91%
Offering Usage Rate:0.12%
Kill Rate:64.71%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
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