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The Shattered Square

The Shattered Square
Realm:The Decimated Borgo
Offering:Beef Tallow Mixture Beef Tallow Mixture
Patch Added:6.4.0
Associated Chapter:Forged in Fog
Statistics Since 7.2.0*
Play Rate:2.96%
Offering Usage Rate:0.5%
Kill Rate:49.17%
0 KillsKill Distribution4 Kills
Daro, a village that once bustled with life and industry, suddenly razed to the ground. The gorgeous, cobbled roads of this medieval Italian settlement ran red with the blood of her citizens, all due to the “righteousness”of the Guardia Compagnia.

The Entity's Realm has preserved and distorted this ancient village, its rubble forever smoldering. A large gathering hall stands in its center, still upright despite its scars. Several shacks litter the landscape in varying degrees of disrepair. The pain suffered here still emanates from the crackles of its embers.
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Kill Rate by PatchMatches
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