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Community Stats

Map Stats Viewer

Interactive viewer for Map stats from matches uploaded to NightLight. Check out the Community Stats Documentation for more info.

These stats are from ... eligible games. Regular users can view the last 12 weeks (... games) in 28 day increments

Supporters can view all games and specify a custom date range
- (0 games, days)
View a single stat at a time
Limit the height of stats list

Where is this data from?

These stats are aggregated from thousands of matches uploaded to NightLight.

For more information about what specifically is included/excluded, check out the docs: Community Stats FAQ

Why are there no stats for today?

Stats are gathered from the NightLight servers at around 4pm UTC each day so as to somewhat align with DBD patch times. If you visit before that time, the latest data will be from up to 4pm on the previous day.

What is the definition of a kill?

Kills are regarded as anything other than escapes, non-given hatch escapes, hatch escapes with a key, and given hooks/moris.