Boon: Exponential - Perk Usage Stats and Info

Boon: Exponential
Character:Jonah Vasquez
Patch Added:5.4.0
Rank (Last 14 days):40 /122
Usage Rate (Last 14 days):2%
Unique Builds Seen (Last 14 days):313
Shrine Appearances(1)
17/08/2022Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
Descriptions & Patch Notes

When it seems like your number is up, you consider ways to recalculate the odds.

Press and hold the Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out in a 24 meter range.

All Survivors within the Boon Totem's range recover 90/95/100% faster and can completely recover from the dying state.

You can only bless one Totem at a time. All equipped boon perks are active on your Boon Totem.

"It's not our time to die... probably." —Jonah Vasquez

Usage Rate Over TimeLast Year (7 day periods)
Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
Boon: Circle of HealingBoon: Shadow StepBoon: ExponentialBoon: Dark Theory6.75%
Dead HardBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Shadow StepBoon: Exponential3.1%
Small GameBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Shadow StepBoon: Exponential2.92%
Dead HardWindows of OpportunityBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Exponential2.74%
LitheBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Shadow StepBoon: Exponential2.19%
Sprint BurstBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Shadow StepBoon: Exponential1.28%
Dead HardFor the PeopleBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Exponential1.09%
Prove ThyselfDead HardBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Exponential1.09%
AdrenalineDead HardBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Exponential1.09%
Sprint BurstOff the RecordBoon: Circle of HealingBoon: Exponential1.09%
Usage By CharacterLast 30 days
Jonah Vasquez
13.72%4.86% of Total Uses
Mikaela Reid
5.11%15.98% of Total Uses
Yoichi Asakawa
4.24%1.15% of Total Uses
Cybil Bennett
4.17%0.25% of Total Uses
Elodie Rakoto
3.3%1.89% of Total Uses
Jane Romero
2.86%2.39% of Total Uses
Chris Redfield
2.8%0.49% of Total Uses
Felix Richter
2.67%1.81% of Total Uses
James Sunderland
2.38%0.16% of Total Uses
Sheva Alomar
2.28%0.49% of Total Uses
Detective Tapp
2.17%0.74% of Total Uses
Nancy Wheeler
1.95%1.57% of Total Uses
Kate Denson
1.92%6.59% of Total Uses
Zarina Kassir
1.9%1.98% of Total Uses
Steve Harrington
1.9%1.48% of Total Uses
Quentin Smith
1.87%0.82% of Total Uses
Ada Wong
1.84%3.54% of Total Uses
Dwight Fairfield
1.74%3.79% of Total Uses
Renato Lyra
1.72%2.31% of Total Uses
Thalita Lyra
1.7%3.05% of Total Uses
Haddie Kaur
1.65%0.74% of Total Uses
Jill Valentine
1.65%1.98% of Total Uses
Vittorio Toscano
1.62%2.8% of Total Uses
Claudette Morel
1.57%5.02% of Total Uses
Cheryl Mason
1.54%1.57% of Total Uses
Feng Min
1.53%7.25% of Total Uses
Yui Kimura
1.52%2.55% of Total Uses
Nea Karlsson
1.5%5.27% of Total Uses
Leon S. Kennedy
1.41%2.06% of Total Uses
Claire Redfield
1.39%0.33% of Total Uses
Rebecca Chambers
1.33%1.73% of Total Uses
Meg Thomas
1.28%5.11% of Total Uses
David King
1.24%1.73% of Total Uses
Yun-Jin Lee
1.15%0.99% of Total Uses
Adam Francis
1.14%0.66% of Total Uses
Jake Park
1.09%1.4% of Total Uses
Jeff Johansen
1.07%0.49% of Total Uses
Laurie Strode
1.02%0.58% of Total Uses
Carlos Oliveira
0.99%0.16% of Total Uses
Ace Visconti
0.85%1.07% of Total Uses
William "Bill" Overbeck
0.81%0.91% of Total Uses
Ashley J. Williams
0.61%0.25% of Total Uses
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