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Perk Usage Stats and Info

Dying Light

Dying Light
Dying Light
The ShapeShape
Patch Added:1.2.1
StatisticsLast 14 days
Usage Rank:68
Usage Rate:(Low) 0.93%
Unique Builds Seen:162
Shrine Appearances14
DatePriceOwned (?)
22 Jun 231500100000
25 Jan 232000100000
24 Aug 222000150000
02 Mar 222000150000
22 Apr 202000150000
15 May 192000150000
28 Nov 182000150000
17 Oct 182000150000
09 May 182000150000
28 Mar 182000150000
28 Feb 182000150000
03 May 172000150000
22 Mar 172000150000
02 Nov 162000150000
Usage By CharacterLast 14 days
The Shape
5.71%22.7% of Total Uses
The Plague
2.91%7.03% of Total Uses
The Legion
1.78%8.11% of Total Uses
The Twins
1.42%1.62% of Total Uses
The Xenomorph
1.35%3.24% of Total Uses
The Nightmare
1.29%1.62% of Total Uses
The Pig
1.25%2.7% of Total Uses
The Dredge
1.13%1.62% of Total Uses
The Wraith
1.04%4.32% of Total Uses
The Skull Merchant
1%2.16% of Total Uses
The Nurse
0.94%3.24% of Total Uses
The Cannibal
0.91%2.16% of Total Uses
The Trapper
0.9%3.24% of Total Uses
The Nemesis
0.89%2.7% of Total Uses
The Blight
0.83%3.78% of Total Uses
The Ghost Face
0.79%2.7% of Total Uses
The Good Guy
0.79%3.24% of Total Uses
The Deathslinger
0.77%2.7% of Total Uses
The Spirit
0.73%2.16% of Total Uses
The Executioner
0.67%1.62% of Total Uses
The Onryō
0.65%1.08% of Total Uses
The Cenobite
0.65%1.08% of Total Uses
The Oni
0.62%1.62% of Total Uses
The Hag
0.61%0.54% of Total Uses
The Mastermind
0.58%3.78% of Total Uses
The Demogorgon
0.48%1.08% of Total Uses
The Knight
0.45%1.08% of Total Uses
The Unknown
0.39%2.16% of Total Uses
The Singularity
0.37%0.54% of Total Uses
The Doctor
0.36%1.08% of Total Uses
The Hillbilly
0.28%1.62% of Total Uses
The Trickster
0.24%0.54% of Total Uses
The Clown
0.19%0.54% of Total Uses
The Huntress
0.07%0.54% of Total Uses
The Artist
0%0% of Total Uses
Descriptions & Patch Notes

You become obsessed with one Survivor.

Your Obsession gains a 33% action speed bonus to unhooking and healing other Survivors.

Each time you hook a Survivor other than the Obsession, if the Obsession is alive, gain a token.

If the Obsession is alive, all Survivors who are not the Obsession get 2/2.5/3% penalty to repair, healing and sabotage speeds for each token.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

"This isn't a man..." -Dr.Sam Loomis


  • Rework Reworked to apply a 2/2.5/3% penalty to Repair, Healing, and Sabotage speeds to every non-obsession survivor for each hook on a non-obsession (counted as tokens). The Obsession gains a 33% action speed bonus to unhooking and healing other survivors. The effects persist for as long as the Obsession is alive.

You become obsessed with one Survivor.

Your obsession's altruistic action speed is increased by 38/44/50%.

Once the obsession is killed or sacrificed, every other Survivor gets a penalty of 19/22/25% to repair, healing and sabotage speed.

If the Killer becomes obsessed with another survivor the penalties are removed and that survivor's altruistic action speed is increased.

  • The Killer can only be Obsessed with one survivor at a time.

“This isn't a man…” –Dr. Sam Loomis

Usage Rate by Patch
Escape Rate by Patch
Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
#BuildUsage RateKill Rate
Dying LightPlay With Your FoodSave the Best for Last5.43%1052.4%11/21
Dying LightBamboozlePop Goes the WeaselScourge Hook: Pain Resonance1.63%380%4/5
ThanatophobiaDying LightHex: PlaythingHex: Pentimento1.63%342.9%3/7
Dying LightPlay With Your FoodSave the Best for LastSurge1.09%283.3%5/6
Brutal StrengthDying LightPop Goes the WeaselCorrupt Intervention1.09%240%2/5
ThanatophobiaDying LightSurgeScourge Hook: Pain Resonance1.09%266.7%2/3
ThanatophobiaDying LightSurgeScourge Hook: Gift of Pain1.09%266.7%2/3
Dying LightBamboozlePop Goes the WeaselEruption1.09%2100%4/4
Sloppy ButcherThanatophobiaDying LightHex: Ruin1.09%2100%4/4
TinkererDying LightBamboozleScourge Hook: Pain Resonance1.09%250%2/4
All 10 rows shown
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