Object of Obsession - Perk Usage Stats and Info

Object of Obsession
Character:Laurie Strode
Patch Added:1.2.1
Rank (Last 14 days):93 /122
Usage Rate (Last 14 days):0.22%
Unique Builds Seen (Last 14 days):56
Shrine Appearances(16)
18/01/2023Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint100000
14/09/2022Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
25/05/2022Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
06/04/2022Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
14/04/2021Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
26/02/2020Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
01/05/2019Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
29/08/2018Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
23/05/2018Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
25/04/2018Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
31/01/2018Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
19/04/2017Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
08/03/2017Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
11/01/2017Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
14/12/2016Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
16/11/2016Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
Descriptions & Patch Notes

A supernatural bond links you to the Killer.

Whenever your aura is revealed to the Killer, the Killer's aura becomes visible to you and you gain a 2/4/6% bonus to healing, repairing and cleansing speed.

If you are the Obsession, your aura is revealed to the Killer for 3 seconds once every 30 seconds.

Increases your chances of being the Obsession.

“He was watching me!” -Laurie Strode


  • Rework If you are the Obsession, your aura is revealed to the killer for 3 seconds once every 30 seconds
  • Rework Reveals the killer's aura to you when they see yours and gain a 2/4/6% bonus to healing, repair, and cleansing speeds during that time.

A supernatural bond links you to the Killer. If you are looking in the Killer's direction, your link will reveal your auras to each other. This effect applies only if you are outside the Killer's terror radius.

As the Killer's obsession, this effect applies to a maximum range of 56/64/72 meters. Otherwise, it applies to a maximum range of 44/56/64 meters.

  • Increases your chances of being the Killer's obsession.
  • The Killer can only be Obsessed with one survivor at a time.

    “He was watching me!” -Laurie Strode

  • Usage Rate Over TimeLast Year (7 day periods)
    Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
    Dark SenseObject of ObsessionOff the RecordSmash Hit4.92%
    Decisive StrikeObject of ObsessionSole Survivor4.92%
    AdrenalineObject of ObsessionDead HardWindows of Opportunity3.28%
    BondObject of ObsessionDead HardMettle of Man1.64%
    Prove ThyselfSprint BurstObject of ObsessionOff the Record1.64%
    Prove ThyselfObject of ObsessionUnbreakableDead Hard1.64%
    HopeAdrenalineObject of ObsessionWindows of Opportunity1.64%
    HopeObject of ObsessionDead HardBoil Over1.64%
    AdrenalineSprint BurstDecisive StrikeObject of Obsession1.64%
    AdrenalineObject of ObsessionLitheWindows of Opportunity1.64%
    Usage By CharacterLast 30 days
    Laurie Strode
    2.62%10.98% of Total Uses
    Lisa Garland
    1.08%1.22% of Total Uses
    Detective Tapp
    0.72%1.83% of Total Uses
    Carlos Oliveira
    0.5%0.61% of Total Uses
    Cheryl Mason
    0.49%3.66% of Total Uses
    Jill Valentine
    0.48%4.27% of Total Uses
    Yui Kimura
    0.44%5.49% of Total Uses
    Elodie Rakoto
    0.43%1.83% of Total Uses
    Feng Min
    0.43%15.24% of Total Uses
    Sheva Alomar
    0.38%0.61% of Total Uses
    Thalita Lyra
    0.37%4.88% of Total Uses
    Quentin Smith
    0.37%1.22% of Total Uses
    Claire Redfield
    0.35%0.61% of Total Uses
    Vittorio Toscano
    0.33%4.27% of Total Uses
    Dwight Fairfield
    0.3%4.88% of Total Uses
    Nea Karlsson
    0.26%6.71% of Total Uses
    Kate Denson
    0.26%6.71% of Total Uses
    David King
    0.24%2.44% of Total Uses
    Felix Richter
    0.24%1.22% of Total Uses
    Leon S. Kennedy
    0.23%2.44% of Total Uses
    Steve Harrington
    0.21%1.22% of Total Uses
    Haddie Kaur
    0.18%0.61% of Total Uses
    Jeff Johansen
    0.18%0.61% of Total Uses
    Mikaela Reid
    0.16%3.66% of Total Uses
    William "Bill" Overbeck
    0.15%1.22% of Total Uses
    Ada Wong
    0.13%1.83% of Total Uses
    Jake Park
    0.13%1.22% of Total Uses
    Renato Lyra
    0.12%1.22% of Total Uses
    Nancy Wheeler
    0.1%0.61% of Total Uses
    Claudette Morel
    0.1%2.44% of Total Uses
    Yun-Jin Lee
    0.1%0.61% of Total Uses
    Zarina Kassir
    0.08%0.61% of Total Uses
    Ace Visconti
    0.07%0.61% of Total Uses
    Rebecca Chambers
    0.06%0.61% of Total Uses
    Meg Thomas
    0.06%1.83% of Total Uses
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