Quick Gambit - Perk Usage Stats and Info

Quick Gambit
Character:Vittorio Toscano
Patch Added:6.4.0 PTB
Unique Builds Seen (Last 14 days):105
Overall Usage Rate (Last 14 days):2.9%
Shrine Appearances(0)
This perk hasn't yet appeared on the Shrine
Descriptions & Patch Notes

When you have a Killer''s attention, you know how to keep it; others can be confident they won''t be interrupted any time soon.

When you are chased within 24 meters of any generator, any other Survivor working on that generator receives a 6/7/8% speed boost to the repair action.

"We need not resort to violence. And I shall prove it." - Vittorio Toscano

Usage Rate Over TimeLast Year (7 day periods)
Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
Potential EnergyFogwiseQuick Gambit13.05%
Dead HardPotential EnergyFogwiseQuick Gambit1.12%
Boon: Circle of HealingPotential EnergyFogwiseQuick Gambit0.45%
Prove ThyselfStake OutFogwiseQuick Gambit0.34%
Balanced LandingPotential EnergyFogwiseQuick Gambit0.34%
Sprint BurstPotential EnergyFogwiseQuick Gambit0.22%
Built to LastPotential EnergyFogwiseQuick Gambit0.22%
BondPotential EnergyFogwiseQuick Gambit0.22%
Stake OutHyperfocusFogwiseQuick Gambit0.22%
Quick Gambit0.22%
Usage By CharacterLast 30 days
Vittorio Toscano
18.03%93.36% of Total Uses
Laurie Strode
0.37%0.74% of Total Uses
Jill Valentine
0.22%0.74% of Total Uses
Ace Visconti
0.16%0.74% of Total Uses
Steve Harrington
0.14%0.37% of Total Uses
Ada Wong
0.13%0.74% of Total Uses
Nancy Wheeler
0.12%0.37% of Total Uses
Leon S. Kennedy
0.09%0.37% of Total Uses
Cheryl Mason
0.09%0.37% of Total Uses
David King
0.08%0.37% of Total Uses
Kate Denson
0.07%0.74% of Total Uses
Mikaela Reid
0.06%0.74% of Total Uses
Meg Thomas
0.03%0.37% of Total Uses
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