Septic Touch - Perk Usage Stats and Info

Septic Touch
Character:The Dredge
Patch Added:6.0.0
Rank (Last 14 days):94 /106
Usage Rate (Last 14 days):0.2%
Unique Builds Seen (Last 14 days):10
Shrine Appearances(0)
This perk hasn't yet appeared on the Shrine
Descriptions & Patch Notes

The Land of Shadows subsumes all. Healing only delays the inevitable.

Whenever a Survivor performs the healing action within your Terror Radius, that Survivor suffers from Blindness and Exhausted.

These effects linger for 6/8/10 seconds after a healing action is interrupted by any means.

"Do not admit to fear, or pain, or doubt. These are the seeds from which darkness grows." –Otto Stamper

Usage Rate Over TimeLast Year (7 day periods)
Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
DissolutionDarkness RevealedSeptic Touch25%
DistressingSloppy ButcherUnnerving PresenceSeptic Touch8.33%
Sloppy ButcherJoltDissolutionSeptic Touch8.33%
Sloppy ButcherA Nurse's CallingHex: Blood FavorSeptic Touch8.33%
ThanatophobiaKnock OutHex: PlaythingSeptic Touch8.33%
Hex: RuinDissolutionDarkness RevealedSeptic Touch8.33%
BamboozleDead Man's SwitchScourge Hook: Pain ResonanceSeptic Touch8.33%
Pop Goes the WeaselEruptionScourge Hook: Gift of PainSeptic Touch8.33%
Corrupt InterventionInfectious FrightDissolutionSeptic Touch8.33%
Blood EchoStarstruckScourge Hook: Gift of PainSeptic Touch8.33%
Usage By CharacterLast 30 days
The Dredge
6.61%51.72% of Total Uses
The Cannibal
0.42%6.9% of Total Uses
The Spirit
0.4%6.9% of Total Uses
The Onryō
0.36%3.45% of Total Uses
The Mastermind
0.32%10.34% of Total Uses
The Executioner
0.31%3.45% of Total Uses
The Doctor
0.26%3.45% of Total Uses
The Nemesis
0.19%3.45% of Total Uses
The Blight
0.16%3.45% of Total Uses
The Legion
0.16%3.45% of Total Uses
The Huntress
0.09%3.45% of Total Uses
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