Solidarity - Perk Usage Stats and Info

Character:Jane Romero
Patch Added:2.6.0
Rank (Last 14 days):92 /122
Usage Rate (Last 14 days):0.24%
Unique Builds Seen (Last 14 days):59
Shrine Appearances(6)
07/12/2022Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint100000
31/08/2022Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
13/07/2022Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
13/05/2020Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
18/03/2020Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
23/10/2019Iridescent Shard2000Bloodpoint150000
Descriptions & Patch Notes

Sharing painful experiences has the power to heal.

While injured, healing a Survivor without using a Med-kit also heals you at a 40/45/50% conversion rate.

“Showing up when things get rough, listening to people's problems, and supporting those in need; that's how you become stronger, that's how you grow.” –Jane Romero

Usage Rate Over TimeLast Year (7 day periods)
Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
Head OnPoisedSolidarity9.23%
LitheAutodidactSolidarityEmpathic Connection3.08%
BondSolidarityResurgenceReactive Healing1.54%
BondBalanced LandingSolidarityBlast Mine1.54%
BondBalanced LandingSolidarityFlashbang1.54%
BondDead HardWindows of OpportunitySolidarity1.54%
Prove ThyselfPoisedSolidarityFriendly Competition1.54%
Prove ThyselfQuick & QuietHead OnSolidarity1.54%
Prove ThyselfQuick & QuietUrban EvasionSolidarity1.54%
Usage By CharacterLast 30 days
Jane Romero
4.74%29.81% of Total Uses
Sheva Alomar
0.76%1.24% of Total Uses
Felix Richter
0.61%3.11% of Total Uses
Adam Francis
0.57%2.48% of Total Uses
Lisa Garland
0.54%0.62% of Total Uses
Carlos Oliveira
0.5%0.62% of Total Uses
Elodie Rakoto
0.43%1.86% of Total Uses
William "Bill" Overbeck
0.37%3.11% of Total Uses
Jeff Johansen
0.36%1.24% of Total Uses
Claire Redfield
0.35%0.62% of Total Uses
Steve Harrington
0.32%1.86% of Total Uses
Yun-Jin Lee
0.29%1.86% of Total Uses
Ace Visconti
0.26%2.48% of Total Uses
Feng Min
0.23%8.07% of Total Uses
Ada Wong
0.21%3.11% of Total Uses
Meg Thomas
0.21%6.21% of Total Uses
Yui Kimura
0.2%2.48% of Total Uses
Ashley J. Williams
0.2%0.62% of Total Uses
Rebecca Chambers
0.19%1.86% of Total Uses
Dwight Fairfield
0.19%3.11% of Total Uses
Renato Lyra
0.18%1.86% of Total Uses
Kate Denson
0.17%4.35% of Total Uses
Laurie Strode
0.15%0.62% of Total Uses
Claudette Morel
0.15%3.73% of Total Uses
Vittorio Toscano
0.14%1.86% of Total Uses
Jill Valentine
0.14%1.24% of Total Uses
Thalita Lyra
0.14%1.86% of Total Uses
Jake Park
0.13%1.24% of Total Uses
Mikaela Reid
0.13%3.11% of Total Uses
Leon S. Kennedy
0.11%1.24% of Total Uses
Cheryl Mason
0.08%0.62% of Total Uses
David King
0.06%0.62% of Total Uses
Nea Karlsson
0.05%1.24% of Total Uses
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