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Surveillance is a unique perk belonging to Pig. It was added to the game on 23 January 2018 in patch 1.9.0 as part of the Saw Chapter.

In the last 14 days, 0.9% of Killers have had it equipped making it the 77th most used Killer perk in that time. Scroll down for more stats.
Descriptions & Patch Notes

Unlocks potential in one's aura reading ability. Any regressing generator will be highlighted by a white aura. If the regression is interrupted on a generator, it will be highlighted by a yellow aura for 8/12/16 seconds.

Noises created by generator repairs are audible at an additional 8 meters.

"Are you gonna behave?" -Amanda Young


  • Buff Now increases generator repair sound audible range by 8 meters
  • Buff Regressing generator's auras are now shown in white for the entire duration of the regression and now change to yellow once the regression is interrupted, the yellow aura persists for 8/12/16 seconds
  • Buff Effect now applies to all generators

Unlocks potential in one's aura reading ability. The last 1/2/3 regressing generators' auras are indicated in white to you for 16 seconds.

"Are you gonna behave?" -Amanda Young

Usage Rate by PatchPatches*
Kill Rate by Patch Patches*
Most Common BuildsSince 8.0.0*
#BuildUsage RateKill Rate
Scourge Hook: Hangman's TrickMake Your ChoiceSurveillance4.11%1476.7%23/30
SurveillanceCorrupt InterventionSurgeScourge Hook: Pain Resonance2.35%853.8%7/13
Hex: RuinSurveillanceSurgeScourge Hook: Pain Resonance2.05%775%12/16
Hex: RuinSurveillanceHex: UndyingScourge Hook: Pain Resonance1.76%662.5%5/8
Sloppy ButcherA Nurse's CallingSurveillanceSurge0.88%350%4/8
Hex: RuinBarbecue & ChiliSurveillanceHex: Undying0.88%371.4%5/7
Save the Best for LastSurveillanceSurgeRapid Brutality0.88%366.7%6/9
SurveillancePop Goes the WeaselOppressionScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.88%366.7%4/6
Hex: RuinSurveillanceSurgeHex: Undying0.88%337.5%3/8
SurveillanceLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Floods of RageNowhere to Hide0.88%333.3%1/3
All 10 rows shown
Stats update daily at around 4pm UTC. Last updated
The PigPig
Date Added:23 January 2018
Patch Added:1.9.0
StatisticsLast 14 days
Usage Rank:77
Usage Rate:(Low) 0.9%
Unique Builds Seen:279
Shrine Appearances10
DatePriceOwned (?)
Usage By CharacterSince 8.0.0*
The Pig
10.04%20.76% of Total Uses
The Knight
2.22%5.56% of Total Uses
The Singularity
2.12%2.63% of Total Uses
The Skull Merchant
1.72%4.68% of Total Uses
The Nightmare
1.7%1.75% of Total Uses
The Twins
1.6%1.75% of Total Uses
The Ghost Face
1.59%5.26% of Total Uses
The Xenomorph
1.37%2.92% of Total Uses
The Onryō
1.31%2.05% of Total Uses
The Trickster
0.81%1.46% of Total Uses
The Legion
0.8%3.22% of Total Uses
The Cenobite
0.78%1.17% of Total Uses
The Dredge
0.78%1.17% of Total Uses
The Doctor
0.73%2.34% of Total Uses
The Shape
0.73%2.34% of Total Uses
The Oni
0.69%1.75% of Total Uses
The Nurse
0.68%1.75% of Total Uses
The Spirit
0.68%1.46% of Total Uses
The Plague
0.67%1.17% of Total Uses
The Clown
0.66%1.46% of Total Uses
The Wraith
0.65%2.05% of Total Uses
The Mastermind
0.6%3.51% of Total Uses
The Artist
0.59%1.17% of Total Uses
The Nemesis
0.57%1.46% of Total Uses
The Demogorgon
0.53%0.88% of Total Uses
The Hillbilly
0.52%2.05% of Total Uses
The Cannibal
0.49%1.75% of Total Uses
The Lich
0.48%9.65% of Total Uses
The Unknown
0.46%1.75% of Total Uses
The Huntress
0.45%2.92% of Total Uses
The Good Guy
0.44%1.75% of Total Uses
The Executioner
0.44%0.88% of Total Uses
The Deathslinger
0.4%1.17% of Total Uses
The Trapper
0.35%0.88% of Total Uses
The Blight
0.32%1.17% of Total Uses
The Hag
0.32%0.29% of Total Uses
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