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NightLight Supporter

Hi, I'm BritishBoop, the creator of this strange place and lover of dark mode. I originally started work on NightLight out of a love of Dead by Daylight stats and the foolish idea that it would save me time tracking my games.

Since I launched NightLight the interest in it has grown massively and with it have the running costs. In order to keep things sustainable without eating into my tea and biscuit budget, and to let those of you who wish to financially support the site do so, I've setup a Ko-fi page.

For as long as it is financially viable most features will be available for free, supporter features will mainly be cosmetic or features that have a direct cost to me like match history. My goal is to find a point where needing a supporter feature means you're already getting a lot of value and wanting to support regardless of perks still gives you something as a thank you.

Please note that this is a hobby project I work on in my spare time and any benefits are just a "thank you" bonus for donating and not a product.

Note: Matches outside the match history period are archived for all users, if you become a supporter any historical matches up to your new limit will be unlocked.


  • Core site functionality including...
  • 60 day match history
  • Screenshot recognition
  • Stat dashboard, filtering, & tags
  • Global Stats
  • Friends & Match Sharing
  • Public Profile
  • Build Challenge
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  • Core functionality plus...
  • Unlimited match history*
  • Advanced Filtering
  • No ads
  • Coloured Username & Supporter Badge
  • Public Profile background, & custom killer
  • Higher Custom Match Tags Limit
  • Discord Supporter Role & Channel
  • + The knowledge you're directly supporting the development of NightLight
Support NightLight for £3 a month
NightLight is made possible by these amazing people...
Other ways to support NightLight...
Share it

One of the most impactful things you can do to help is simply sharing NightLight. Discord/YouTube/Reddit/Twitter mentions... everything helps.

The more interest, matches, and icon packs NightLight gets, the bigger and better things I can make.
Join the Discord

Stats are cool and all but what really makes developing NightLight enjoyable is getting to hear from and chat with you all.

If you haven't already, consider joining the Discord - I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Use a CDN/Hosting affiliate link

A couple of the providers NightLight use offer affiliate programs. One is - a CDN provider. Another is Hetzner (€20 trial) - a server hosting company.

I've found both really affordable and NL receives credit if you become a paying user.