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The personal information NightLight may collect and how it's used

Preface: I'm not a solicitor, NightLight is a hobby project I've built out of a passion for Dead by Daylight and programming. I've aimed to provide the clearest idea of what NightLight might do with the personal information you provide but I'm not a legal professional. I aim to have as little to do with personal information as possible but some is necessary to provide and sustain the project.

Last Updated: Friday 3rd May 2024

1. Information related to logging in

When registering for a NightLight account you need to provide a Username, Email Address, and Password or you can Sign up with Discord.

The email address you provide is used to allow you to log in. It may also be used to send you notifications relating to the site, to ask for your feedback (or input to assist with your use of the project), or to inform you of new features and enhancements to the NightLight project.

The username you provide may be shown publicly through features like Profiles, the Build Challenge Leaderboard, or the Supporter thank you box. I try to provide ways to opt out of/disable these features.

If you register with Discord (or link your account), the email address, username, and ID associated with your Discord account will be shared with and stored by NightLight. These are used to allow you to log in, and to provide you with roles and functionality in the NightLight Discord and via the NightLight Discord bots.

2. Third Party service providers
As a cloud-based project, NightLight relies on several third parties to provide it's services.
NamePurposePersonal Data Processed
HetznerCore application and database hostingEmail Address, Username, IP Address
CloudflareEdge computing, CDN, WAF & other security services, analyticsEmail Address, Username, IP Address
Bunny.netCDNIP Address
SentryError & performance monitoringIP Address

In addition to those, NightLight uses Google Analytics and may show advertisements via Google Adsense, you can opt out of personalised advertising here: Google Adsense and it's third party vendors may set cookies which you can opt out of here: Google's Privacy Policy is available at

3. Cookies

When you visit NightLight some cookies may be used, these are essential for the safe and secure operation of the site. Google Adsense may also be used to serve advertisements which may set additional cookies, you can read more about these & how to control them in the table below.

1stnl_sessionSession cookie
1st_cf_bmCloudflare Bot Management. This allows allow Cloudflare to manage incoming traffic that meets criteria associated with bots. It is encrypted, expires after 30 minutes, and doesn't store any NightLight user identifier.
1stcf_clearanceUsed by Cloudflare to track the successful passage of a challenge (e.g. from the "Please wait a few seconds while we validate your connection" type pages).
3rdGoogle Analytics - _ga & _ga_<container-id>Used by Google Analytics to track session information for analytic purposes. You can read more about them here.
3rdGoogle (Adsense)Google & other third party vendors use cookies to serve ads based on your previous visits to NightLight or other websites. Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads based on your visits to NightLight and/or other sites on the Internet. You can opt out of personalised advertising here: You can opt out of cookies from Google Adsense and it's third party vendors here:
4. Security of your data

Whilst I try to keep the personal data NightLight processes and stores to a minimum, it doesn't remove the need to handle what it does securely. Various measures are taken to protect your data and where I've found reasonable, it is processed and stored in Europe.

5. Your rights

Getting a copy of your data: You can see personal information NightLight holds on your account page (

Correcting your data: You should be able to edit your personal information on the account page (, if not please contact me at the details below.

Deleting your data: If you want your account to be deleted, please reach out to me (details below). Please note this is a one way process - there's no going back.

6. Questions & Complaints

If you have any questions or complaints you can contact me at or via Discord, @britishboop.

7. Changes to this privacy policy

Whilst changes to this policy are likely to be minor, this privacy policy may be changed from time to time, at my sole discretion. I'd encourage you to frequently check this page for updates to this Privacy Policy. The date it was last updated is published at the top of this page.