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Killer Usage Stats and Info

The DemogorgonBeta

The Demogorgon
The Demogorgon was added on 17 September 2019 as part of the Stranger Things DLC alongside Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. They are a licensed character.
An unidentified Killer, able to open multiple Portals and traverse between them to cover large distances. Using its power, Of the Abyss, it can detect any Survivors within a close proximity to the Portals then unleash a leaping attack to inflict damage from a distance.

Its perks, Surge, Cruel Limits, and Mindbreaker, impact the environment close to generators and affect nearby Survivors in unexpected ways.

A blooming mouth full of needle-like teeth for a face, large, curved, razor-sharp claws, and powerful legs to pounce on victims, make The Demogorgon a frightening monster to face in any dimension. It is a nightmare of unrestrained, feral rage as it hunts down its prey and rips it to pieces, devouring every last morsel of flesh and gore, leaving nothing for scavengers. The creature is untouched by any sense of compassion or restraint. Looming over its victim, it shows no doubt or mercy, just the pure instinct of its insatiable bloodlust as it delivers the deathblow. A perfect hunter, The Demogorgon is a macabre testament to the horrors lurking in the Upside Down and why it was choice pickings for The Entity.
Pick Rate By Patch
Kill Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 7.7.0*
#PerkUsage RateKill Rate
Scourge Hook: Pain ResonanceScourge Hook: Pain Resonance32.12%54.64%
Pop Goes the WeaselPop Goes the Weasel31.7%59.84%
Corrupt InterventionCorrupt Intervention21.1%61.25%
Barbecue & ChiliBarbecue & Chili11.95%48.28%
Nowhere to HideNowhere to Hide11.85%60.52%
Lethal PursuerLethal Pursuer11.33%57.71%
Save the Best for LastSave the Best for Last10.6%52.43%
Grim EmbraceGrim Embrace8.63%57.39%
Hex: No One Escapes DeathHex: No One Escapes Death7.69%54.49%
Hex: Devour HopeHex: Devour Hope7.17%42.75%
No Way OutNo Way Out6.86%56.15%
Spirit FurySpirit Fury5.93%55.46%
Hex: RuinHex: Ruin5.2%50.5%
Hex: UndyingHex: Undying4.89%46.51%
Hex: PlaythingHex: Plaything4.57%60.22%
Cruel LimitsCruel Limits3.95%57.65%
Iron GraspIron Grasp3.85%35.14%
Thrilling TremorsThrilling Tremors3.53%55.88%
Sloppy ButcherSloppy Butcher3.33%57.75%
Dead Man's SwitchDead Man's Switch2.91%55.77%
Brutal StrengthBrutal Strength2.91%40.38%
A Nurse's CallingA Nurse's Calling2.7%57.89%
Hex: Blood FavorHex: Blood Favor2.7%56.14%
Hex: PentimentoHex: Pentimento2.6%54.35%
Superior AnatomySuperior Anatomy2.39%33.33%
Coup de GrâceCoup de Grâce2.39%55.81%
Rapid BrutalityRapid Brutality2.39%52.27%
Ultimate WeaponUltimate Weapon2.39%59.09%
Friends ‘Til the EndFriends ‘Til the End2.18%55.56%
Mad GritMad Grit2.08%36.84%
Blood WardenBlood Warden2.08%50%
Scourge Hook: Floods of RageScourge Hook: Floods of Rage2.08%68.09%
Spies from the ShadowsSpies from the Shadows1.98%40.54%
Hex: Thrill of the HuntHex: Thrill of the Hunt1.87%46.15%
Trail of TormentTrail of Torment1.87%66.67%
I'm All EarsI'm All Ears1.87%58.82%
Batteries IncludedBatteries Included1.77%62.07%
Most Used BuildsSince 7.7.0*
#BuildUsage RateKill Rate
BamboozlePop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionScourge Hook: Pain Resonance3.22%60%39/65
NoneCruel LimitsMindbreakerSurge1.04%61.9%13/21
BamboozlePop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionDeadlock0.52%85.71%6/7
EnduringPop Goes the WeaselSpirit FuryScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.52%69.23%9/13
Pop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionGrim EmbraceScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.52%72.73%8/11
Barbecue & ChiliCorrupt InterventionLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.42%36.36%4/11
Barbecue & ChiliPop Goes the WeaselLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.42%55.56%5/9
Pop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionNo Way OutScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.42%66.67%4/6
AgitationPop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.42%100%9/9
EnduringBamboozleCorrupt InterventionScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.42%42.86%3/7
Hex: No One Escapes DeathPop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionDeadlock0.42%50%4/8
EnduringBamboozlePop Goes the WeaselScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.42%27.27%3/11
EnduringSpirit FurySurgeScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.42%70%7/10
NoneNoneNoneLethal Pursuer0.42%22.22%2/9
EnduringSpirit FuryCorrupt InterventionScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.31%33.33%2/6
BamboozlePop Goes the WeaselMindbreakerScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.31%16.67%1/6
Corrupt InterventionCoup de GrâceNo Way OutDeadlock0.31%60%3/5
NoneNoneNoneCruel Limits0.31%28.57%2/7
All 20 rows shown
Stats update daily at around 4pm UTC. Last updated
The Demogorgon
DLC:Stranger Things
Date Added:17 September 2019
Patch Added:3.2.0
Game Folder Codename:Qatar
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:1.8%
Kill Rate:52.61%
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