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Killer Usage Stats and Info

The ShapeBeta

The Shape
The Shape was added on 25 October 2016 as part of the Halloween DLC alongside Laurie Strode. They are a licensed character.
A haunting Killer, intent on monitoring Survivors from a distance to feed his power, Evil Within. The more he Stalks, the stronger and faster he becomes.

His personal perks, Save the Best for Last, Play with your Food and Dying Light select one Survivor to become the Obsession and trigger deadly effects based on the Obsession's status.

Some humans are simply bad seeds. Seeds infused with a distilled and pure form of evil. Michael Myers is one of those seeds. He had no issues with causing the pain of others. Instead, it was exactly what he sought. But even life can be tough on those with minds filled with terror. The difference is just how one goes about to solve those problems.

For Michael, he had to kill to find some inner peace. As he took his sister’s life, the police found a silent boy dressed as a clown at the scene. When one stumbles upon a growing fire, one does not pour gasoline on it. But this was an action taken by officials that had no idea how it would shape this demon in the boy’s body. Sending Michael to a mental institution was a feeble attempt to save the child. Unsuccessful therapy and nightly screams just made him even more introvert and deranged. People hoped that Michael Myers would end up a parenthesis, soon to be forgotten and buried, a failure that soon were to rot away. But then…he escaped.
Pick Rate By Patch
Kill Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 7.7.0*
#PerkUsage RateKill Rate
Play With Your FoodPlay With Your Food33.82%61.12%
Corrupt InterventionCorrupt Intervention24.33%64.07%
Pop Goes the WeaselPop Goes the Weasel13.65%58.45%
Save the Best for LastSave the Best for Last12.46%60.78%
Scourge Hook: Pain ResonanceScourge Hook: Pain Resonance11.87%59.47%
Hex: No One Escapes DeathHex: No One Escapes Death11.49%58.58%
Sloppy ButcherSloppy Butcher11.06%57.38%
Brutal StrengthBrutal Strength10.3%53.55%
Lethal PursuerLethal Pursuer9.65%54.52%
Nowhere to HideNowhere to Hide7.98%54.33%
Hex: RuinHex: Ruin6.9%57.03%
No Way OutNo Way Out6.58%63.75%
Dying LightDying Light6.53%52.55%
Barbecue & ChiliBarbecue & Chili6.47%58.97%
Iron GraspIron Grasp6.09%53.88%
Spirit FurySpirit Fury5.5%60.51%
Monitor & AbuseMonitor & Abuse5.07%61.5%
Coup de GrâceCoup de Grâce5.07%59.34%
Superior AnatomySuperior Anatomy4.21%57.32%
Spies from the ShadowsSpies from the Shadows4.15%51.76%
Fire UpFire Up3.56%50.69%
Friends ‘Til the EndFriends ‘Til the End3.56%57.89%
A Nurse's CallingA Nurse's Calling3.51%49.54%
Hex: Devour HopeHex: Devour Hope3.51%53.96%
Bitter MurmurBitter Murmur3.34%56.62%
Grim EmbraceGrim Embrace3.34%54.41%
Trail of TormentTrail of Torment2.86%63.37%
Batteries IncludedBatteries Included2.86%67.57%
Blood WardenBlood Warden2.75%71.3%
Franklin's DemiseFranklin's Demise2.75%63.11%
Thrilling TremorsThrilling Tremors2.7%54.08%
Rapid BrutalityRapid Brutality2.59%49.02%
Hex: UndyingHex: Undying2.48%60.67%
Most Used BuildsSince 7.7.0*
#BuildUsage RateKill Rate
NoneDying LightPlay With Your FoodSave the Best for Last1.4%53.45%31/58
Play With Your FoodBamboozleCorrupt InterventionDeadlock0.43%69.23%9/13
Play With Your FoodFire UpBamboozleSuperior Anatomy0.38%28.57%4/14
Play With Your FoodCorrupt InterventionNemesisDeadlock0.38%88.24%15/17
Brutal StrengthFire UpBamboozleSuperior Anatomy0.27%63.64%7/11
Play With Your FoodHex: RuinCorrupt InterventionDeadlock0.22%100%12/12
EnduringPlay With Your FoodSpirit FuryCorrupt Intervention0.22%58.33%7/12
Sloppy ButcherPlay With Your FoodCorrupt InterventionMindbreaker0.22%62.5%5/8
Dying LightPlay With Your FoodSave the Best for LastCorrupt Intervention0.22%75%6/8
EnduringBamboozleSpirit FuryCorrupt Intervention0.22%50%5/10
NoneNoneNonePlay With Your Food0.22%70%7/10
Pop Goes the WeaselLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Pain ResonanceNowhere to Hide0.22%37.5%3/8
Play With Your FoodRancorNemesisGame Afoot0.16%75%6/8
EnduringPlay With Your FoodMonitor & AbuseSpirit Fury0.16%40%2/5
NoneNoneNoneDying Light0.16%22.22%2/9
BamboozlePop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.16%100%3/3
Hex: No One Escapes DeathPlay With Your FoodSave the Best for LastSurge0.16%50%3/6
Sloppy ButcherPlay With Your FoodPop Goes the WeaselScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.16%33.33%2/6
Hex: No One Escapes DeathIron GraspSloppy ButcherPlay With Your Food0.16%20%1/5
All 20 rows shown
Stats update daily at around 4pm UTC. Last updated
The Shape
Date Added:25 October 2016
Patch Added:1.2.1
Game Folder Codename:DLC2
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:3.4%
Kill Rate:56.21%
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