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The Ghost FaceBeta

The Ghost Face
The Ghost Face was added on 18 June 2019 as part of the Ghost Face DLC. They are a licensed character.
A creepy Killer, able to Stalk his victims and sneak up silently using his power, Night Shroud. Affected Survivors will find themselves vulnerable and oblivious to his presence and must use all of their perception and awareness to protect themselves from his approach.

His personal perks, I'm All Ears, Thrilling Tremors and Furtive Chase, give him the ability to locate Survivors, defend generators, and make his chases unpredictable.

Danny Johnson, known as Jed Olsen by some, grabbed the newspaper from the kitchen counter: it was a week old, but his face was on the front page, grainy and sunken. It was one of those muggy afternoons in Florida when heat and humidity permeated everything in the kitchen, making him sweat while standing still. He slouched in a damp chair to read. This article had better be good—his work in Roseville had been outstanding.


June 18, 1993

At first glance, Jed Olsen was a modest and enthusiastic freelancer with experience in a variety of small newspapers. The staff at the Roseville Gazette appreciated how easy-going and honest he seemed, and so he was treated as a stranger for no more than five minutes into his interview:

“Jed quickly spotted the editor-in-chief in the room, gave him a wide smile and a firm handshake, and talked about good old American values. And that was it, he was in.”—Ex-Contributor at the Roseville Gazette

Olsen never justified his erratic career path, which zigzagged between several small towns from Utah to Pennsylvania. There was no verification of his previous jobs. He had a decent portfolio plus a good attitude, and they needed a contributor right away.


Olsen had been working at the newspaper for five months when the Roseville Murders began: victims from young to old, stabbed to death in their homes. From the reports, the victims seemed chosen at random, yet the killer knew his way around in the houses. The multiple stab wounds indicated a personal motive. No traces of DNA were found. The local police were confounded: the murders were carried with fury akin to a crime of passion yet coldly premeditated.

The murderer also liked to stalk his targets. Two victims had reported being followed on their way home by a dark figure, a few days prior their death. The killer would follow them from Walleyes, a small bar in Northern Roseville, and snap pictures of them at home, while looking for a way in. He could watch the same victim for weeks, meticulously registering their habits and routines. When he felt the urge to kill, he’d visit the most vulnerable victim on his list, and break inside the house quietly.

The whole staff worked on the Roseville Murders story. Olsen was often sent to interview the family of victims and relay official statements from the police. Unknown to everyone at the time, his involvement added to the final body count.


Panic swelled in Roseville when Olsen produced footage of a hooded figure breaking into a house at night. The masked face, a white blur in the dark, stared at the camera for a second, before disappearing inside. “Ghost Face Caught on Tape” was the resulting article, written by Olsen. He seemed proud of his work at the time, enjoying how the whole town feared his ghost stories.

Weeks later, Olsen left a note on his work desk and disappeared:

“I hope you liked my stories--I enjoyed bringing them to life. Don’t worry, I'm not done.” –Jed Olsen

The Roseville law enforcement still refuses to comment as Jed Olsen remains at large.

Danny smiled, ripping out the article from the newspaper. When the investigation had been pointing to him, he’d packed his bags and left Roseville swiftly.

He got up, the clammy seat pulling his skin. An oppressive humidity engulfed him as he entered the bedroom. Condensation dribbled on a small misted-up window as bits of cracked wallpaper hung limply. Its floral pattern was covered with gruesome photos and newspaper headlines. Danny pinned the week-old article on top of a picture of lacerated scalps. A faint pang of hunger hit him, and he wondered when he had eaten last. Was it this morning, while washing his knife and clothes? Or was it last night, after following that girl down the street? He couldn’t remember clearly.

Taking a step back, he admired his work on the wall. His mind drifted, remembering all the articles he’d written, the stories he’d planned, and the scenes he’d brought to life.

A shiver ran through him. A chilling breeze transformed the bedroom's humidity into an opaque, freezing Fog. A woman shrieked. Dead leaves crunched under his feet.

He smiled in anticipation.
Pick Rate By Patch
Kill Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 7.7.0*
#PerkUsage RateKill Rate
Thrilling TremorsThrilling Tremors21.01%51.7%
Lethal PursuerLethal Pursuer20.85%54.98%
I'm All EarsI'm All Ears19.88%52.25%
Pop Goes the WeaselPop Goes the Weasel18.49%60.71%
Scourge Hook: Pain ResonanceScourge Hook: Pain Resonance16.45%61.81%
Sloppy ButcherSloppy Butcher12%54.4%
Barbecue & ChiliBarbecue & Chili11.47%55.08%
A Nurse's CallingA Nurse's Calling10.77%54.48%
Hex: No One Escapes DeathHex: No One Escapes Death10.24%54.93%
Nowhere to HideNowhere to Hide9.38%59.78%
Brutal StrengthBrutal Strength8.84%59.2%
Corrupt InterventionCorrupt Intervention8.79%56.18%
Furtive ChaseFurtive Chase6.59%51.91%
Friends ‘Til the EndFriends ‘Til the End5.68%56.71%
Play With Your FoodPlay With Your Food5.47%60.19%
Iron GraspIron Grasp5.41%57.62%
Spirit FurySpirit Fury5.04%56.77%
Hex: RuinHex: Ruin4.93%63.33%
No Way OutNo Way Out4.82%51.49%
Save the Best for LastSave the Best for Last4.72%61.27%
Hex: Devour HopeHex: Devour Hope4.34%57.76%
Bitter MurmurBitter Murmur4.23%49.35%
Grim EmbraceGrim Embrace4.07%52.94%
Spies from the ShadowsSpies from the Shadows4.07%56.71%
Scourge Hook: Floods of RageScourge Hook: Floods of Rage2.84%54.55%
Hex: UndyingHex: Undying2.73%44.66%
Franklin's DemiseFranklin's Demise2.73%64.42%
Coup de GrâceCoup de Grâce2.63%58.59%
Dead Man's SwitchDead Man's Switch2.52%46.6%
Ultimate WeaponUltimate Weapon2.2%55.42%
Superior AnatomySuperior Anatomy1.98%55.56%
Make Your ChoiceMake Your Choice1.82%67.12%
Scourge Hook: Monstrous ShrineScourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine1.77%54.93%
Hex: PlaythingHex: Plaything1.71%59.15%
Most Used BuildsSince 7.7.0*
#BuildUsage RateKill Rate
NoneFurtive ChaseI'm All EarsThrilling Tremors0.96%31.71%13/41
AgitationPlay With Your FoodPop Goes the WeaselScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.64%86.36%19/22
UnrelentingFurtive ChaseI'm All EarsThrilling Tremors0.38%58.33%7/12
Barbecue & ChiliSurgeLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.38%62.5%5/8
Hex: No One Escapes DeathSloppy ButcherI'm All EarsThrilling Tremors0.38%63.16%12/19
NoneNoneNoneI'm All Ears0.32%23.08%3/13
Pop Goes the WeaselLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Pain ResonanceNowhere to Hide0.32%85.71%6/7
EnduringBamboozleSpirit FurySuperior Anatomy0.21%40%4/10
Spies from the ShadowsUnrelentingI'm All EarsThrilling Tremors0.21%66.67%8/12
Sloppy ButcherSpies from the ShadowsI'm All EarsThrilling Tremors0.21%42.86%3/7
Barbecue & ChiliPop Goes the WeaselLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.21%88.89%8/9
Hex: No One Escapes DeathSpies from the ShadowsI'm All EarsThrilling Tremors0.21%33.33%2/6
Sloppy ButcherI'm All EarsThrilling TremorsSurge0.21%100%9/9
Bitter MurmurSpies from the ShadowsI'm All EarsThrilling Tremors0.16%50%3/6
Pop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionScourge Hook: Pain ResonanceNowhere to Hide0.16%85.71%6/7
Trail of TormentLethal PursuerScourge Hook: Floods of RageNowhere to Hide0.16%44.44%4/9
Brutal StrengthEnduringSpirit FuryHubris0.16%50%3/6
Brutal StrengthEnduringLightbornSpirit Fury0.16%42.86%3/7
A Nurse's CallingThrilling TremorsMindbreakerSurge0.16%100%3/3
All 20 rows shown
Stats update daily at around 4pm UTC. Last updated
The Ghost Face
DLC:Ghost Face
Date Added:18 June 2019
Patch Added:3.0.0
Game Folder Codename:Oman
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:3.49%
Kill Rate:53.27%
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