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Killer Usage Stats and Info

The PigBeta

The Pig
The Pig was added on 23 January 2018 as part of the Saw DLC alongside Detective Tapp. They are a licensed character.
A tormenting Killer, able to Crouch into stealth mode, then Ambush Survivors from a short distance. She can also apply Reverse Bear Traps to downed Survivors, forcing them to remove it before the timer runs out. If the timer expires, they die instantly.

Her personal perks, Hangman's Trick, Surveillance and Make Your Choice, give her more map control and expose altruistic Survivors.

When John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw, planned for his son to be born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Pig, he wanted it to represent fertility and rebirth; a new beginning for him and his wife, and the start of a charmed life for his son. But that plan was shattered on the night that a junkie broke into his wife’s clinic, hoping to score.

After this event resulted in the death of his unborn son, John finally caught up with the junkie, making him his first test subject, and the Pig was changed forever too. It became a representation of the disease that was rotting John from the inside, a reminder that we are just meat unless we elevate ourselves through our actions, by grasping life from the jaws of death.

The Pig became a vessel, an agent of Jigsaw, conveying the subjects to their test. For some of those who emerged victorious, the Pig could still be a rebirth, into their new lives as apprentices, even disciples, of Jigsaw.

That was the case for Amanda Young, a troubled soul, whose life had been a catalogue of harm, both to herself and those around her. That changed when she faced, and bested, Jigsaw’s test. Deciding her life was worth something, she became devoted to Jigsaw’s cause, ready to take over when the cancer consumed him.

But she became more dependent on John, her anguish at his impending death combining with a belief that their test subjects weren’t capable of saving themselves, of being reborn in the crucible of the games.

Seeing this, John presented her with another game, another chance to save herself, but Amanda let her rage and jealousy rule her actions. She failed the test and took a bullet as a consequence.

Bleeding out on the tiled floor, darkness engulfed Amanda’s vision, accompanied by a sound like creaking wood. Then she was in a forest, once more viewing the world through the eyes of a Pig. Trees surrounded her, their branches clawing at her from all sides. Waves of panic washed over her and she could hear her breath reverberating inside the mask.

Had she been damned, cursed to spend her days here, in this guise? Or maybe this was another test? Maybe she hadn’t failed at all? John always thought one step ahead of everyone else, planned for every eventuality, and he would never give up on her, surely?

Jigsaw may have gone but he had passed her onto another. A being for whom she would be The Pig again.

Ultimately, she saw now that she had been right in the choices she had made. The time for games was over. There was no chance of redemption for any of them. They were meat, and meat was destined for slaughter.
Pick Rate By Patch
Kill Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 7.7.0*
#PerkUsage RateKill Rate
Scourge Hook: Pain ResonanceScourge Hook: Pain Resonance20.42%62.95%
Pop Goes the WeaselPop Goes the Weasel17.8%64.91%
Corrupt InterventionCorrupt Intervention14.63%62.16%
Brutal StrengthBrutal Strength12.47%52.45%
Lethal PursuerLethal Pursuer11.92%58.09%
Sloppy ButcherSloppy Butcher11.02%60.25%
Barbecue & ChiliBarbecue & Chili10.39%56.77%
Make Your ChoiceMake Your Choice10.3%61.78%
Nowhere to HideNowhere to Hide10.12%68.69%
Hex: PlaythingHex: Plaything9.76%62.79%
Save the Best for LastSave the Best for Last9.67%61.5%
Hex: No One Escapes DeathHex: No One Escapes Death9.39%58.29%
No Way OutNo Way Out7.23%66.88%
Hex: RuinHex: Ruin6.87%60.81%
Grim EmbraceGrim Embrace6.5%55.86%
A Nurse's CallingA Nurse's Calling6.5%59.46%
Hex: PentimentoHex: Pentimento5.96%58.91%
Spirit FurySpirit Fury5.51%52.46%
Hex: UndyingHex: Undying5.42%58.46%
Hex: Face the DarknessHex: Face the Darkness5.15%60.16%
Hex: Devour HopeHex: Devour Hope4.97%56.07%
Franklin's DemiseFranklin's Demise4.34%49.44%
Iron GraspIron Grasp3.7%59.04%
Dead Man's SwitchDead Man's Switch3.43%62.2%
Scourge Hook: Hangman's TrickScourge Hook: Hangman's Trick3.43%62.86%
Ultimate WeaponUltimate Weapon3.34%61.84%
Friends ‘Til the EndFriends ‘Til the End3.34%61.19%
Hex: Thrill of the HuntHex: Thrill of the Hunt3.07%51.22%
Bitter MurmurBitter Murmur2.98%66.18%
Spies from the ShadowsSpies from the Shadows2.8%76.67%
Hex: Haunted GroundHex: Haunted Ground2.53%67.69%
Thrilling TremorsThrilling Tremors2.44%69.39%
Infectious FrightInfectious Fright2.26%73.08%
I'm All EarsI'm All Ears2.26%67.92%
Rapid BrutalityRapid Brutality1.99%58.14%
Call of BrineCall of Brine1.99%57.78%
Play With Your FoodPlay With Your Food1.9%47.5%
Most Used BuildsSince 7.7.0*
#BuildUsage RateKill Rate
NoneScourge Hook: Hangman's TrickMake Your ChoiceSurveillance1.08%85.71%18/21
Brutal StrengthEnduringBamboozleSpirit Fury0.45%54.55%6/11
Brutal StrengthBamboozlePop Goes the WeaselScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.36%25%2/8
Pop Goes the WeaselMindbreakerHex: PlaythingScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.36%100%7/7
NoneNoneNoneMake Your Choice0.36%83.33%5/6
EnduringBamboozleSpirit FurySuperior Anatomy0.27%57.14%4/7
Save the Best for LastCorrupt InterventionNo Way OutDeadlock0.27%88.89%8/9
Iron GraspAgitationMad GritAwakened Awareness0.27%57.14%4/7
Hex: Devour HopeHex: Haunted GroundHex: UndyingHex: Pentimento0.27%40%2/5
A Nurse's CallingBarbecue & ChiliSurgeLethal Pursuer0.27%0%0/5
Hex: Devour HopeLethal PursuerHex: PlaythingHex: Pentimento0.27%28.57%2/7
AgitationBrutal StrengthCorrupt InterventionScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.27%25%2/8
LightbornScourge Hook: Hangman's TrickMake Your ChoiceSurveillance0.27%0%0/2
Brutal StrengthHex: RuinHex: UndyingScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.27%60%3/5
Brutal StrengthEnduringSpirit FuryScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.27%66.67%2/3
Hex: Devour HopeHex: UndyingHex: PlaythingHex: Pentimento0.27%100%7/7
Corrupt InterventionHex: PlaythingScourge Hook: Pain ResonanceHex: Pentimento0.27%50%1/2
Pop Goes the WeaselDeadlockHex: PlaythingScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.18%0%0/4
Hex: RuinDiscordanceMindbreakerDead Man's Switch0.18%50%2/4
All 20 rows shown
Stats update daily at around 4pm UTC. Last updated
The Pig
Date Added:23 January 2018
Patch Added:1.9.0
Game Folder Codename:Finland
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:2.16%
Kill Rate:57.19%
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