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Survivor Usage Stats and Info

Aestri YazarBeta

Aestri Yazar
Aestri Yazar was added on 3 June 2024 as part of the Dungeons & Dragons DLC alongside The Lich. They are an original character.
Aestri, fellow bard Baermar, and their troupe never back down from any adventure. Their personal perks, Mirrored Illusion, Bardic Inspiration, and Still Sight allow them to create illusions, help others repair generators quicker, and see nearby generators, totems, and chests.

Aestri and Baermar arrived in the Free City of Greyhawk to trade songs and stories with the locals. But what the bards learned during their visit would set them on their final adventure. According to locals and travelers alike, a new magic unlike any other was spreading across the land. The forces of evil were disappearing from every corner of the land, leaving no trace of their malevolence. There was much rejoicing throughout Greyhawk, but Aestri and Baermar felt differently. A bard's purpose in life was to celebrate triumph over adversity. A world without evil would be a world with no new songs to sing. Aestri knew what she had to do. She scoped out the taverns and back alleys of the city, looking for adventurers willing to help her and Baermar find the source of this strange new magic. Many turned her down - why would she want evil to return to the land? But using her wit and charisma, Aestri was able to inspire enough townsfolk to join her in restoring the balance between good and evil. Together, this ragtag troupe of adventurers traveled through swamplands and under mountains. They were driven out of towns by those who believed the troupe was secretly in league with the evil that had been eradicated. And every so often, folks would be kind enough to provide food, shelter, and most importantly, information. Baermar eagerly wrote down every clue and rumor they heard and concluded that the source of this strange magic must lie near the Kingdom of Keoland, where people spoke of an ancient tower emerging from its ruins, being instantly rebuilt bigger and stronger than it was before. Their suspicions were confirmed as the troupe made their way south. Villagers spoke of the tower -- and its lord -- in hushed tones, but Aestri knew the place by its reputation. They were traveling to the Rotted Tower, stronghold of the Arch-Lich Vecna. As they drew closer and closer to the Rotted Tower, the troupe could feel evil magic in the air. They steeled themselves for a fight with Vecna, but were shocked to find the Rotted Tower was completely empty. They made their way up the spiral staircase, passing window after window of shattered stained glass, until they reached the top of the tower. Amidst the debris, Aestri found a hastily-written scroll. Baermar was eager to show off his proficiency in arcana. He studied the scroll and realized the words were an incantation, written phonetically. As he sang the words aloud, the tower began to rumble. Black fog crept in through the stone floor. Aestri stopped Baermar from his recitation, but it was too late. The fog took hold of the adventurers, and within moments they were gone.
Pick Rate By Patch
Escape Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 8.0.0*
#PerkUsage RateEscape Rate
Bardic InspirationBardic Inspiration55.07%26.36%
Mirrored IllusionMirrored Illusion31.2%25.75%
Still SightStill Sight28.48%24.81%
Windows of OpportunityWindows of Opportunity23.94%27.5%
Deja VuDeja Vu10.43%27.37%
Sprint BurstSprint Burst9.48%27.37%
Prove ThyselfProve Thyself9.06%26.55%
Off the RecordOff the Record7.66%25.51%
Decisive StrikeDecisive Strike7.43%30.11%
Dead HardDead Hard7.03%27.96%
Balanced LandingBalanced Landing6.17%28.05%
Blast MineBlast Mine5.29%24.63%
Stake OutStake Out4.49%25.75%
We'll Make ItWe'll Make It4.47%26.63%
Botany KnowledgeBotany Knowledge4.44%24.81%
Strength in ShadowsStrength in Shadows4.17%30.46%
Quick & QuietQuick & Quiet2.48%22.62%
Inner StrengthInner Strength2.33%25.6%
Background PlayerBackground Player2.22%25.25%
Boon: Circle of HealingBoon: Circle of Healing2.03%30.94%
Plot TwistPlot Twist2.02%32.22%
Urban EvasionUrban Evasion1.91%24.12%
Head OnHead On1.88%24.55%
Iron WillIron Will1.76%28.03%
Boil OverBoil Over1.63%21.38%
Built to LastBuilt to Last1.52%25.93%
Calm SpiritCalm Spirit1.43%27.56%
Most Used BuildsSince 8.0.0*
#BuildUsage RateEscape Rate
NoneMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight13.92%25.91%321/1239
Windows of OpportunityMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.8%22.54%16/71
LitheMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.46%24.39%10/41
Deja VuStake OutHyperfocusBardic Inspiration0.37%42.42%14/33
NoneNoneNoneBardic Inspiration0.36%21.88%7/32
AdrenalineMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.29%30.77%8/26
DistortionMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.27%20.83%5/24
BondMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.26%30.43%7/23
Blast MineMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.25%18.18%4/22
Deja VuLitheWindows of OpportunityBardic Inspiration0.25%27.27%6/22
Sprint BurstMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.24%19.05%4/21
Strength in ShadowsMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.21%10.53%2/19
AdrenalineLitheWindows of OpportunityBardic Inspiration0.21%36.84%7/19
LitheWindows of OpportunityMirrored IllusionBardic Inspiration0.2%50%9/18
Prove ThyselfMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.19%35.29%6/17
Dead HardMirrored IllusionBardic InspirationStill Sight0.19%41.18%7/17
Prove ThyselfLitheWindows of OpportunityBardic Inspiration0.18%31.25%5/16
NoneNoneMirrored IllusionBardic Inspiration0.17%33.33%5/15
LitheWindows of OpportunityBardic InspirationStill Sight0.17%13.33%2/15
All 20 rows shown
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Aestri Yazar
DLC:Dungeons & Dragons
Date Added:3 June 2024
Patch Added:8.0.0
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:5.81%
Escape Rate:38%
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