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Perk Usage Stats and Info

Plot Twist

Plot Twist
Plot Twist
Character:Nicolas Cage
Patch Added:7.1.0
StatisticsLast 14 days
Usage Rank:37 /131
Usage Rate:(Average) 2.64%
Unique Builds Seen:937
Shrine Appearances0
DatePriceOwned (?)
This perk hasn't yet appeared on the Shrine
Descriptions & Patch Notes

Big moments are vital, but you know that sometimes an understated read can be just as powerful.

Plot Twist activates when you are injured.

Press the ability button 2 while crouched and motionless to enter the dying state silently.

When using Plot Twist to enter the dying state: you leave no blood pools and you make no noise and you can fully recover from the dying state.

When you recover by yourself using Plot Twist, you are healed instantly and you gain 50% Haste for 2/3/4 seconds.

This perk deactivates if you recover by yourself by any means.

This perk re-activates when the exit gates are powered.

Haste increases Survivor movement speed.

“I think you'll find this shooting location… captivating.” –Pauline Stamper


  • Note No changes from PTB
Usage Rate Over TimeLast Year (7 day periods)
Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
UnbreakableFlip-FlopPower StrugglePlot Twist2.36%
TenacityFlip-FlopPower StrugglePlot Twist1.63%
DramaturgyScene PartnerPlot Twist1.3%
ResilienceWindows of OpportunityMade for ThisPlot Twist0.98%
Buckle UpFor the PeopleMade for ThisPlot Twist0.9%
AdrenalineLitheWindows of OpportunityPlot Twist0.9%
ResilienceNo MitherMade for ThisPlot Twist0.65%
HopeWindows of OpportunityMade for ThisPlot Twist0.49%
TenacityBoil OverFlip-FlopPlot Twist0.49%
Dead HardWindows of OpportunityMade for ThisPlot Twist0.49%
Usage By CharacterLast 30 days
Nicolas Cage
25.28%27.83% of Total Uses
Chris Redfield
5.08%0.56% of Total Uses
Ellen Ripley
3.66%5.86% of Total Uses
3.59%1.15% of Total Uses
Jonathan Byers
3.36%0.12% of Total Uses
Lisa Garland
3.19%0.25% of Total Uses
Jeff Johansen
3.17%1.03% of Total Uses
Ashley J. Williams
3.02%1% of Total Uses
Carlos Oliveira
3.01%0.34% of Total Uses
Renato Lyra
2.91%1.12% of Total Uses
Yoichi Asakawa
2.87%0.44% of Total Uses
Claire Redfield
2.86%0.47% of Total Uses
Steve Harrington
2.86%1.5% of Total Uses
Leon S. Kennedy
2.83%2.93% of Total Uses
Vittorio Toscano
2.81%1.43% of Total Uses
Sheva Alomar
2.69%0.34% of Total Uses
Thalita Lyra
2.66%1.78% of Total Uses
James Sunderland
2.53%0.16% of Total Uses
Adam Francis
2.52%1.03% of Total Uses
Quentin Smith
2.45%0.65% of Total Uses
Ada Wong
2.43%2.87% of Total Uses
Jane Romero
2.43%1.06% of Total Uses
Haddie Kaur
2.37%1.03% of Total Uses
Kate Denson
2.35%4.49% of Total Uses
Ace Visconti
2.33%2.12% of Total Uses
Elodie Rakoto
2.3%0.75% of Total Uses
Yui Kimura
2.27%2.71% of Total Uses
Jonah Vasquez
2.19%0.37% of Total Uses
Gabriel Soma
2.14%1.68% of Total Uses
Mikaela Reid
2.14%4.08% of Total Uses
Rebecca Chambers
1.99%1.37% of Total Uses
Zarina Kassir
1.94%1.34% of Total Uses
Cheryl Mason
1.93%1.22% of Total Uses
Yun-Jin Lee
1.9%1.28% of Total Uses
Nea Karlsson
1.88%4.08% of Total Uses
Nancy Wheeler
1.86%0.93% of Total Uses
Felix Richter
1.84%0.84% of Total Uses
Cybil Bennett
1.79%0.06% of Total Uses
Feng Min
1.78%4.43% of Total Uses
Laurie Strode
1.7%0.56% of Total Uses
Detective Tapp
1.66%0.34% of Total Uses
Jake Park
1.64%1.46% of Total Uses
Jill Valentine
1.64%1.18% of Total Uses
Dwight Fairfield
1.55%2.15% of Total Uses
Claudette Morel
1.55%2.8% of Total Uses
William "Bill" Overbeck
1.35%0.93% of Total Uses
David King
1.2%0.93% of Total Uses
Meg Thomas
1.13%2.93% of Total Uses
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