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Ellen RipleyBeta

Ellen Ripley
Ellen Ripley was added on 29 August 2023 as part of the Alien DLC alongside The Xenomorph. They are a licensed character.
Ellen Ripley, Warrant Officer of the Nostromo, is capable and pragmatic. Her personal perks, Lucky Star, Chemical Trap, and Light-footed let her hide her pools of blood and grunts of pain, slow Killers with trapped pallets, and run silently.

Ellen Ripley served as a warrant officer on the ship Nostromo during the ship’s final voyage. When an unknown, alien lifeform attached itself to one of her crew, she attempted to follow quarantine protocol—her efforts were in vain, though, as the ship’s AI MU/TH/UR had other plans.

Without quarantine, disaster struck. Using the ship’s executive officer as a host, the alien burst from his chest and escaped into the bowels of the Nostromo. As the creature grew, its reign of terror continued, picking off crew members until only Ripley remained.

Alone and without hope, Ripley secured the crew's cat, Jones, and managed to set the self-destruct mechanism on the Nostromo without realizing the alien was one step ahead of her.

As the escape shuttle pushed through space, the small speck of light that was the Nostromo exploded into an expanding orange fireball. The shuttle jolted and rattled and then there was silence as the Nostromo receded into nothingness.

Unhooking her straps, Ripley began to prepare for the long journey back to the frontier when suddenly something stirred in the deep shadows of the shuttle— The alien.

Cautiously, Ripley inched toward the lockers where she put on her pressure suit. Then, as the alien advanced on her, she opened the airlock, ejecting the alien into the cold expanse of space. With the shuttle secure, Ripley recorded her final report of the Commercial Starship Nostromo and proceeded to enter her hypersleep chamber. The dark fog of sleep slithered and coiled around her making her feel heavy and tired. She closed her eyes on one nightmare... only to open them in another.
Pick Rate By Patch
Escape Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 7.7.0*
#PerkUsage RateEscape Rate
Windows of OpportunityWindows of Opportunity28.13%29.77%
Chemical TrapChemical Trap17.3%27.25%
Decisive StrikeDecisive Strike13.04%28.85%
Deja VuDeja Vu12.54%34%
Sprint BurstSprint Burst10.53%33.33%
Dead HardDead Hard8.32%34.34%
Lucky StarLucky Star7.67%32.68%
Off the RecordOff the Record7.52%32%
We'll Make ItWe'll Make It7.42%36.49%
Blast MineBlast Mine6.67%27.82%
Balanced LandingBalanced Landing6.62%30.3%
Prove ThyselfProve Thyself5.97%31.93%
Botany KnowledgeBotany Knowledge5.57%31.53%
Quick & QuietQuick & Quiet5.12%29.41%
Background PlayerBackground Player5.07%19.8%
Inner StrengthInner Strength4.76%27.37%
Head OnHead On4.66%34.41%
Strength in ShadowsStrength in Shadows3.86%31.17%
Iron WillIron Will3.76%44%
Any Means NecessaryAny Means Necessary3.46%28.99%
Plot TwistPlot Twist2.76%30.91%
Urban EvasionUrban Evasion2.31%34.78%
Buckle UpBuckle Up2.11%28.57%
Boon: Circle of HealingBoon: Circle of Healing2.01%27.5%
Boil OverBoil Over1.96%30.77%
Built to LastBuilt to Last1.91%21.05%
Stake OutStake Out1.91%39.47%
Champion of LightChampion of Light1.86%29.73%
Most Used BuildsSince 7.7.0*
#BuildUsage RateEscape Rate
NoneLucky StarChemical TrapLight-footed2.61%38.46%20/52
Quick & QuietHead OnInner StrengthLucky Star0.65%38.46%5/13
AdrenalineLitheWindows of OpportunityOff the Record0.35%57.14%4/7
AdrenalineLitheWindows of OpportunityDistortion0.3%16.67%1/6
UnbreakableTenacityFlip-FlopPower Struggle0.3%50%3/6
HopeAdrenalineDecisive StrikeUnbreakable0.25%20%1/5
Head OnBlast MineFlashbangChemical Trap0.25%60%3/5
Boon: Circle of HealingBoon: Shadow StepBoon: ExponentialBoon: Illumination0.25%60%3/5
Blast MineFlashbangWiretapChemical Trap0.25%60%3/5
ResilienceAdrenalineLitheWindows of Opportunity0.25%80%4/5
ResilienceLitheWindows of OpportunityChemical Trap0.25%20%1/5
SaboteurBreakoutFlashbangBackground Player0.2%25%1/4
Decisive StrikeLitheWindows of OpportunityOff the Record0.2%0%0/4
ResilienceBondSprint BurstWindows of Opportunity0.2%50%2/4
LightweightLucky StarChemical TrapLight-footed0.2%0%0/4
HopeDecisive StrikeDeliveranceBlast Mine0.2%50%2/4
HopeResilienceLitheWindows of Opportunity0.2%50%2/4
Any Means NecessaryBlast MineWiretapChemical Trap0.2%25%1/4
Deja VuLitheWindows of OpportunityDistortion0.2%25%1/4
All 20 rows shown
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Ellen Ripley
Date Added:29 August 2023
Patch Added:7.2.0
Game Folder Codename:Wormhole
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:0.93%
Escape Rate:44.54%
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