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Detective TappBeta

Detective Tapp
Detective Tapp was added on 23 January 2018 as part of the Saw DLC alongside The Pig. They are a licensed character.
An obsessed detective, able to locate and complete objectives faster.

His personal perks, Tenacity, Detective's Hunch and Stake Out, make him objective-focused and able to rapidly recover.

Detective David Tapp was one of the good guys. His determination to see Killers brought to justice and their victims avenged had led him through a long and respected career.

When he first saw the details of the Jigsaw case, it seemed like many others. More grisly and macabre, sure, but just another lunatic with a penchant for the over-dramatic, who would soon be behind bars.

A stroke of insight brought Tapp, and his partner Detective Stephen Sing, to an abandoned mannequin factory, where they discovered Jigsaw’s lair. They apprehended the man but he managed to escape before being unmasked, slashing Tapp’s throat as he did so.

Leaving his partner, Sing went in pursuit, but fell victim to a booby trap.

Tapp had failed to go by the book on this one occasion, entering the lair without a warrant, and it had resulted in a Detective’s death. He was discharged from the force and left with a ruined throat and crippling guilt.

He channeled that guilt into an obsession: he would find the Killer, stop the murders, vindicate himself, and avenge his friend and colleague. Following the evidence trail brought him to Dr Lawrence Gordon and he staked out the doctor’s apartment, sure that he would find some evidence of guilt.

Then he saw a stranger at Gordon’s window, and heard gunshots. Tapp confronted him and the man fled, with the pursuit leading to an industrial building.

Tapp’s age caught up with him, A fight that he would easily have won in his younger days ended with Tapp taking a bullet to the chest. Slumping to the floor, he saw only failure. He had failed his partner, and the other victims. Whoever the Killer was, Tapp had been unable to stop him. More would die and it would be his fault.

He let the rage and guilt consume him and closed his eyes for the final time. Beneath him, the concrete floor softened. He dug his fingers into the ground, feeling dirt and leaves. Where his chest had been wet with blood, the shirt was now dry and the pain had gone. His eyes opened onto a darkened sky and the jagged, searching fingers of branches.

Screams echoed through the forest and a new determination filled him. His mind was clear for the first time in months. Victims needed to be avenged, Killers thwarted. He didn’t know what this place was, but he was still a cop, and he always would be. He had a job to do.
Pick Rate By Patch
Escape Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 7.7.0*
#PerkUsage RateEscape Rate
Windows of OpportunityWindows of Opportunity24.91%37.02%
Stake OutStake Out16.79%33.61%
Deja VuDeja Vu13.28%36.79%
Decisive StrikeDecisive Strike12.46%34.25%
Detective's HunchDetective's Hunch10.05%31.51%
Dead HardDead Hard9.7%38.3%
Sprint BurstSprint Burst9.22%31.34%
Prove ThyselfProve Thyself8.88%34.11%
Balanced LandingBalanced Landing7.43%38.89%
We'll Make ItWe'll Make It7.23%28.57%
Off the RecordOff the Record6.88%41%
Botany KnowledgeBotany Knowledge4.96%34.72%
Background PlayerBackground Player4.68%25%
Boil OverBoil Over4.34%30.16%
Quick & QuietQuick & Quiet4.13%28.33%
Blast MineBlast Mine4.06%40.68%
Inner StrengthInner Strength3.72%31.48%
Head OnHead On3.44%28%
Buckle UpBuckle Up2.82%31.71%
Strength in ShadowsStrength in Shadows2.62%34.21%
Calm SpiritCalm Spirit2.48%33.33%
For the PeopleFor the People2.48%36.11%
Iron WillIron Will2.41%42.86%
Boon: Circle of HealingBoon: Circle of Healing2.34%44.12%
Power StrugglePower Struggle2.06%30%
Built to LastBuilt to Last1.93%35.71%
Urban EvasionUrban Evasion1.93%32.14%
Plot TwistPlot Twist1.93%25%
Most Used BuildsSince 7.7.0*
#BuildUsage RateEscape Rate
NoneDetective's HunchStake OutTenacity3.44%30%15/50
UnbreakableTenacityFlip-FlopPower Struggle0.76%27.27%3/11
UnbreakableTenacityBoil OverFlip-Flop0.55%37.5%3/8
AdrenalineDecisive StrikeLitheWindows of Opportunity0.41%66.67%4/6
Deja VuProve ThyselfStake OutHyperfocus0.34%20%1/5
ResilienceAdrenalineWindows of OpportunityStrength in Shadows0.34%40%2/5
HopeResilienceDecisive StrikeLithe0.34%100%5/5
ResilienceAdrenalineCalm SpiritChemical Trap0.28%50%2/4
Deja VuAdrenalineBalanced LandingWindows of Opportunity0.28%25%1/4
Prove ThyselfStake OutWindows of OpportunityHyperfocus0.28%75%3/4
Prove ThyselfLitheWindows of OpportunityDistortion0.28%50%2/4
ResilienceWe'll Make ItDead HardWindows of Opportunity0.28%75%3/4
Botany KnowledgeSelf-CareLitheWindows of Opportunity0.28%25%1/4
ResilienceAlertLitheWindows of Opportunity0.21%66.67%2/3
BondCalm SpiritLitheInner Strength0.21%0%0/3
AdrenalineSprint BurstWindows of OpportunityFixated0.21%33.33%1/3
AdrenalineUnbreakableTenacitySoul Guard0.21%66.67%2/3
AdrenalineWe're Gonna Live ForeverDistortionBackground Player0.21%33.33%1/3
Quick & QuietEmpathyWindows of OpportunityHead On0.21%33.33%1/3
All 20 rows shown
Stats update daily at around 4pm UTC. Last updated
Detective Tapp
Date Added:23 January 2018
Patch Added:1.9.0
Game Folder Codename:Finland
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:0.67%
Escape Rate:44.49%
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