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The DoctorBeta

The Doctor
The Doctor was added on 11 May 2017 as part of the Spark of Madness DLC alongside Feng Min. They are an original character.
A madness-inducing Killer who is able to use his power, Carter's Spark, to trigger electrical charges, incapacitating Survivors and eventually causing them to hallucinate and scream in terror, revealing their position.

His personal perks, Overwhelming Presence, Monitor & Abuse and Overcharge, encourage chases, impact Survivors' ability to repair effectively, and make him harder to detect when not in a chase.

Showing exceptional aptitude in psychology, Herman was handpicked for special training in an advanced neuroscience program located in a secret black site facility in Illinois known as the Léry Memorial Institute, really a front for the CIA. This is where Herman met Dr. Otto Stamper where under his guidance, Herman began to use strange and ever increasingly vicious methods to extract information from prisoners sent to the institute, which was also a covert prison and re-education center for whoever was the USA’s current nemesis. His liberal use of violent electroshock therapy revealed dramatic results and several threats to national security were uncovered.

Over the years, Herman became known as The Doctor and no one ever questioned if he had even held a medical certificate or even what happened to the prisoners after they had given up their information. It was only after the Léry Memorial Institute went silent for a week that the true horror was finally discovered. The personnel, patients, and prisoners were all found dead with all types of head trauma. All personnel and prisoners' bodies were accounted for, including Dr. Otto Stamper, but no sign of Herman “The Doctor” Carter.
Pick Rate By Patch
Kill Rate By Patch
Most Used PerksSince 7.7.0*
#PerkUsage RateKill Rate
Scourge Hook: Pain ResonanceScourge Hook: Pain Resonance17.67%59.69%
Pop Goes the WeaselPop Goes the Weasel17.54%60.18%
Merciless StormMerciless Storm15.37%60.31%
Unnerving PresenceUnnerving Presence13.68%56.59%
Sloppy ButcherSloppy Butcher12.39%54.55%
Monitor & AbuseMonitor & Abuse11.44%48.57%
Hex: No One Escapes DeathHex: No One Escapes Death9.82%54.3%
Hex: Huntress LullabyHex: Huntress Lullaby9.41%57.99%
Corrupt InterventionCorrupt Intervention8.94%56.51%
Save the Best for LastSave the Best for Last7.92%65.92%
Brutal StrengthBrutal Strength7.85%50%
Overwhelming PresenceOverwhelming Presence7.72%47.06%
Barbecue & ChiliBarbecue & Chili6.64%47.32%
Grim EmbraceGrim Embrace6.23%60.8%
Dead Man's SwitchDead Man's Switch5.48%53.98%
Lethal PursuerLethal Pursuer5.28%48.3%
Nowhere to HideNowhere to Hide5.21%53.9%
Hex: RuinHex: Ruin4.67%63.57%
Iron GraspIron Grasp4.47%46.15%
A Nurse's CallingA Nurse's Calling4.27%53.38%
Hex: Devour HopeHex: Devour Hope4.2%65.08%
Rapid BrutalityRapid Brutality3.79%60.68%
Franklin's DemiseFranklin's Demise3.72%54.63%
No Way OutNo Way Out3.25%53.85%
Hex: UndyingHex: Undying2.78%71.11%
Spies from the ShadowsSpies from the Shadows2.64%45.78%
Friends ‘Til the EndFriends ‘Til the End2.44%40%
Ultimate WeaponUltimate Weapon2.37%60.87%
Hex: PlaythingHex: Plaything2.3%67.16%
Infectious FrightInfectious Fright2.1%58.46%
Thrilling TremorsThrilling Tremors2.03%65.08%
Most Used BuildsSince 7.7.0*
#BuildUsage RateKill Rate
NoneOverchargeMonitor & AbuseOverwhelming Presence1.62%44.9%22/49
Unnerving PresenceOverchargeHex: Huntress LullabyMerciless Storm1.02%57.14%20/35
DistressingUnnerving PresenceHex: Huntress LullabyMerciless Storm0.74%47.83%11/23
DistressingUnnerving PresenceOverchargeHex: Huntress Lullaby0.47%27.78%5/18
DistressingCorrupt InterventionDeadlockMerciless Storm0.47%0%0/10
DistressingSloppy ButcherUnnerving PresenceCoulrophobia0.47%72.22%13/18
NoneNoneNoneOverwhelming Presence0.41%31.25%5/16
Pop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionGrim EmbraceScourge Hook: Pain Resonance0.34%87.5%7/8
DistressingSloppy ButcherA Nurse's CallingCoulrophobia0.27%0%0/6
DistressingUnnerving PresenceOverwhelming PresenceCoulrophobia0.27%40%2/5
Hex: No One Escapes DeathOverchargeMonitor & AbuseOverwhelming Presence0.27%40%4/10
Save the Best for LastPop Goes the WeaselDiscordanceSurge0.27%100%9/9
NoneNoneNoneMonitor & Abuse0.27%33.33%3/9
DistressingUnnerving PresenceOverchargeCoulrophobia0.27%75%6/8
DistressingOverchargeHex: Huntress LullabyMerciless Storm0.27%57.14%4/7
DistressingUnnerving PresenceOverchargeMerciless Storm0.27%40%2/5
Unnerving PresenceOverchargeCoulrophobiaMerciless Storm0.27%100%5/5
Sloppy ButcherPop Goes the WeaselCorrupt InterventionDeadlock0.2%88.89%8/9
All 20 rows shown
Stats update daily at around 4pm UTC. Last updated
The Doctor
DLC:Spark of Madness
Date Added:11 May 2017
Patch Added:1.5.1
Game Folder Codename:DLC4
StatisticsLast 14 days
Pick Rate:2.72%
Kill Rate:56.27%
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