Low Profile - Perk Usage Stats and Info

Low Profile
Character:Ada Wong
Patch Added:6.2.0
Unique Builds Seen (Last 14 days):108
Overall Usage Rate (Last 14 days):0.62%
Shrine Appearances(0)
This perk hasn't yet appeared on the Shrine
Descriptions & Patch Notes

You work best alone. When it's just you and your pursuer, you know how to disappear.

When you become the last Survivor standing, this perk activates. Hide your scratch marks, pools of blood and grunts of pain caused by injuries for 70/80/90 seconds.


  • Buff Added grunts of pain to the effects affected by the perk

You work best alone. When it’s just you and your pursuer, you know how to disappear.

When you become the last Survivor, this perk activates. Hide your scratch marks and pools of blood for 70/80/90 seconds .

Usage Rate Over TimeLast Year (7 day periods)
Most Common BuildsLast 14 days
WiretapReactive HealingLow Profile19.01%
We'll make itBorrowed TimeLow ProfileReassurance2.11%
Spine ChillSole SurvivorLeft BehindLow Profile1.41%
LitheWiretapReactive HealingLow Profile1.41%
HopeAdrenalineLeft BehindLow Profile1.41%
AdrenalineBoon: Shadow StepWiretapLow Profile1.41%
Boil OverWiretapReactive HealingLow Profile1.41%
Inner HealingWiretapReactive HealingLow Profile1.41%
TechnicianDistortionClairvoyanceLow Profile0.7%
AdrenalineSole SurvivorWake Up!Low Profile0.7%
Usage By CharacterLast 30 days
Ada Wong
10.67%84.26% of Total Uses
Haddie Kaur
0.7%0.64% of Total Uses
Chris Redfield
0.47%0.21% of Total Uses
Yun-Jin Lee
0.46%0.64% of Total Uses
Jill Valentine
0.39%1.06% of Total Uses
Mikaela Reid
0.34%1.49% of Total Uses
Quentin Smith
0.32%0.21% of Total Uses
Rebecca Chambers
0.32%2.34% of Total Uses
Ashley J. Williams
0.31%0.21% of Total Uses
Feng Min
0.28%1.91% of Total Uses
Dwight Fairfield
0.27%1.06% of Total Uses
Jake Park
0.26%0.64% of Total Uses
Sheva Alomar
0.26%0.21% of Total Uses
Leon S. Kennedy
0.23%0.64% of Total Uses
Elodie Rakoto
0.23%0.21% of Total Uses
Zarina Kassir
0.21%0.43% of Total Uses
Laurie Strode
0.21%0.21% of Total Uses
Jane Romero
0.2%0.21% of Total Uses
Nea Karlsson
0.16%0.85% of Total Uses
Felix Richter
0.15%0.21% of Total Uses
Nancy Wheeler
0.15%0.21% of Total Uses
Cheryl Mason
0.14%0.21% of Total Uses
Meg Thomas
0.12%0.85% of Total Uses
Yui Kimura
0.1%0.21% of Total Uses
David King
0.09%0.21% of Total Uses
Claudette Morel
0.07%0.43% of Total Uses
Kate Denson
0.04%0.21% of Total Uses
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